Hearing Impaired Resource

Our vision is of a school without barriers for deaf children.

We are a specialized resource that supports children from Emmbrook Infant School and Emmbrook Junior School. The provision is an integral part of the two schools with a culture of inclusion and a strong focus on achievement for deaf children.

Support packages for the children follow a ‘needs led’ model so that the level of support is tailored to the individual needs of the child. We adopt a child-centred approachto communication. This means that we respond directly to the needs of the individual and all forms of communication are equally valued. We are proud of the very high level of BSL qualifications within the resource. With this flexible approach, we ensure that the whole curriculum is made accessible to our deaf children and supports their individual aptitudes and talents.

The schools have been adapted to provide acoustically favourable classrooms, including infrared Sound field systems in all classes in the Infant and Junior schools. We use radio aids to help their listening in class, small group work and one to one interventions.

Children are encouraged from an early age to become independent in the use of their equipment; to remove, clean and fit their hearing aids/ cochlear implants and to report difficulties. Key workers perform daily listening checks on hearing aids and cochlear implants to monitor the sound quality and to enable them to recognise and respond to any changes or interference that may occur.

We care about the needs of the ‘whole child’ and foster high levels of self-esteem, confidence and a positive self-identity. We take full advantage of the wide range of opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem alongside hearing peers as well as a sense of the child’s own deaf identity. We encourage the children to work independently and develop good personal and social skills.

We work very closely with the Berkshire Sensory Consortium and cochlear implant centres ensuring that children within the resource have joined up care with excellent communication between specialists. Qualified teachers of the deaf, a speech and language therapist, an educational audiologist, an educational psychologist, specialist teachers, mainstream teachers and teaching assistants all work closely together with the children. We are very proud of We welcome children with complex additional needs and the schools work in close partnership with external agencies to support the development and progress of each child.

We have strong links between home and school – this relationship is of the utmost importance to us. Daily links are fostered through the use of a Home School book, in which information is shared and parents can raise issues of a day-to-day nature or seek guidance. We invite parents to observe Speech and Language therapy sessions and if the need arises, to attend weekly signing classes. We offer an ‘open door’ policy of family support in which regular contact is encouraged and parents are invited to discuss any issues of concern, without the need to wait for more formal meetings such as Annual Reviews or Parent Consultation evenings.

If you are considering Emmbrook  Infant or Junior Schools for your child, please get in touch.

What our hearing impaired pupils say about us:

“I like Emmbrook School because we do things fairly; we follow the Golden Rules and we never give up. I like being deaf because I have some deaf friends and even I have some friends that are not deaf. I feel special being a deaf person in the school.” Ananya, Year 3

“I like Emmbrook Juniors because I like to play with Freddie. I like work. I like writing.” Rhys, Year 3