Core Values

Our Core Values

The school core values have been honed over time and are built into the very fabric of EIS schooling, each receiving a specific focus during the year to reinforce their importance and to help children to embrace its meaning and prepare for life in modern Britain. The 10 Core Values are:

Respect – I understand that people’s feelings and their belongings are important and we must take care of them.

Resilience – I will keep trying when I find things difficult in my work and in my play.

Empathy – I understand that everyone is different and I am kind to everyone.

Patience – I can wait for my turn without getting angry.

Independence – I can do things on my own and think for myself.

Curiosity – I like to ask questions and want to find out more.

Honesty – I will always tell the truth, play fairly and not take things that do not belong to me.

Self-Discipline – I know what to do in different situations and I will make the right choices.

Confidence  I am happy to be me and not afraid to have a go.

Teamwork – I can join in with other children, listen, use and share my ideas.