Role of the Local Advisors

The Local Advisors consists of a group of volunteers and teaching staff (including the Head Teacher).  The members include Parent Advisors, a Staff Advisor and a number of Co-opted Advisors.  There is a Full Advisory Body (FAB) meeting 5 times a year.

The purpose of the Local Advisory Body (LAB) is to ensure that the highest possible standard of education, achievement and well-being is provided to all children. It is in place to support the teaching staff and to ensure that we continually achieve the highest standards, whilst continuing to raise expectations. 

This is achieved by developing an understanding of what it is that the Headteacher (and Senior Leadership Team) want to achieve in terms of the children’s individual development, and to ensure that policies, practices and funding are in place to achieve these goals. For example, if we believe that it is right to focus on Early Years provision or Computing throughout the Curriculum – does the budget reflect this in terms of funding?

The LAB will also work to ensure that the school has the facilities to ensure that the educational requirements can be met.

An essential role that the LAB takes is that of a critical friend to the Headteacher and staff.  It is our responsibility to listen to their views on a range of issues and to question these if and when we feel it necessary. We often find ourselves asking, “why?” and “what will the impact of that be?” or “is there a better way of achieving this result?”. Many of the Local Advisors are not educationalists and so it is essential that we question the professionals to make sure that the children can develop as well as is possible. We try to ensure that we have a broad cross section of interests, backgrounds and skills so that we can meet the expectations of outstanding governance of the school.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of a Local Advisor, please contact the school directly.  If you would like to contact the Local Advisors, you can do so by sending a message c/o Emmbrook Infant School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham, RG41 1JR or emailing Kate Benson, Chair of Local Advisory Body at [email protected]

Whilst Emmbrook Infant School is an outstanding school, the LAB is in place to ensure that we continue to improve upon the success that we have had to date.  We work closely with Corrina Gillard and her excellent team to do even better.

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