Emmbrook Infant School - Together Everyone Achieves More

Vision (A compelling picture of where we want to be)

Our vision is that we will:

  • Continue to deliver outstanding education, so that all children achieve
  • Share our best practice with other schools, and bring innovative ideas back
  • Be the school of choice in our community

We want every child’s time at Emmbrook Infant School to be the best experience they have in their educational life. A time when they learn to love learning and are well prepared for the next stage in their education.

Emmbrook Infant School will be a place where the adults take responsibility for making what they do better, all the time.

Important Influences on Education

Our Vision cannot sit in isolation. It must consider all the social, economic and political changes that are taking place and so we recognise that many pressures will influence the work we do at Emmbrook Infant School.


Our world is experiencing rapid change in the interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, driven by international trade and aided by information technology. We are seeing greater cultural diversity at Emmbrook and our curriculum needs to reflect the on-going nature of such change.

Changes to Childhood

The wider needs of young people are growing and becoming more complex. Across the developed world, families are becoming more diverse, getting smaller and sometimes hard to engage.  There has been a dramatic rise in childhood obesity and mental health issues.

We need to ensure that we can respond to these changes and support our pupils in becoming confident citizens in the 21st century.

The development of IT and Communication Technology

There is a real challenge for schools to respond to the rapid development in ICT. Our children are living and communicating in a world dominated by the technology they use. We must ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to access this technology to enhance their learning, safely.

Meaningful Curriculum

At Emmbrook Infant School we take pride in developing outstanding teaching and learning within an exciting and challenging curriculum. Our curriculum is one that evolves and is driven by the needs and characteristics of Emmbrook Infant School pupils.

We set very high standards in everything we do, challenging all pupils to work their hardest, to be the best they can be.  We aim to develop confident, independent and enthusiastic life-long learners who take responsibility for their own learning and decisions, so they are well prepared for the next stage in their education.

Social Responsibility

At Emmbrook Infant School we have developed a set of Core Values that we believe will enable our pupils to develop a strong sense of responsibility to oneself, to our community and to society.

We want to enrich our curriculum and assemblies with visitors and organisations linked to our Core Values and school aims, so that we can develop well-rounded, grounded individuals ready for adult life in modern Britain.

A Strong Learning Community

All our staff strive to reflect the attributes and values we advocate at Emmbrook Infant School. We achieve this through encouraging deep professional learning for all, where staff challenge and support each-other to provide high quality teaching and learning. In return, we aim to distribute leadership at all levels, so that everyone’s contribution is both essential and valued.

We want to further develop our partnerships with the Junior and Senior schools to create a learning community for staff, parents and pupils and the wider community.

We want to work in collaboration with other schools, developing and supporting both our own and their practice, with a view to training our own Emmbrook Infant teaching staff in the future.

Achievement for All

At Emmbrook Infant School all staff have high expectations for all pupils, particularly those from groups that have traditionally failed to achieve their potential so that all pupils make rapid and sustained progress. It will be for us to constantly review and adapt our organisation to meet the needs of every learner. Preparing pupils to thrive in today’s challenging world, relies on parents being educators too and it is our aim to work with all parents so that every child leaves Emmbrook Infant School ready and equipped for the next part of their educational journey.

A 21st Century School Environment

We are constantly looking to develop and enhance our school environment so that it is stimulating, engaging and fit for purpose. We would like to further develop the outside learning environment for all our pupils, creating more opportunities for powerful, exciting, inspirational and rewarding learning.